Revolutionize Your Sound
Advanced Audio Engine
Super low-latency audio graph
Latency refers to the delay in audio transmission. It's the time taken between providing an input to the device, and it providing the output.
By taking advantage of the native capabilities of Apple Silicon devices, optimizing the software architecture, and leveraging efficient code execution, Meld Studio provides incredibly low audio latency.
Benefits of low audio latency
Low audio latency enables real-time interaction with audiences, ensures precise synchronization of audio and video elements, enhances immersion, improves production quality, offers reliable performance, and provides seamless compatibility and integration within the macOS ecosystem.
With these advantages, streamers and creators can deliver an engaging and professional streaming experience with minimal delays and enhanced audio performance.
Control over your audio tracks
Audio monitoring
Monitor your microphone, audio interfaces, game sounds, and browser alerts with ease. Meld allows you to take full control over your sound quality and clarity.
You can enjoy the precision of minimal audio delay, enabling real-time monitoring and precise adjustments to avoid clipping audio, or other issues that can ruin a great mix.
Musicians, podcasters, and content creators can now deliver an immersive auditory experience like never before.
Desktop audio capture
The gold standard for desktop audio capture
Bring your favorite application audio to your streams. Meld Studio sets the bar for desktop audio capture on macOS, offering you unmatched reliability for their live streams and recordings.
Our advanced audio engine empowers you to achieve optimal audio quality, elevating your production to new heights of excellence.
Audio remap – like a pro
Unparalleled flexibility with over 32 audio channels
Imagine the freedom to route audio exactly where you want it. Meld Studio enables you to effortlessly edit audio channels, ensuring optimal audio routing. What sets Meld apart is its support for over 32 audio channels from various interfaces, delivering unparalleled flexibility in capturing and broadcasting audio.
Whether you're a musician, podcaster, or live streamer producing on macOS computers, our robust channel mapping capabilities empower you to achieve the perfect audio setup tailored to your specific needs. This is a high-level production studio, for high-level creators.
Achieve precise synchronization
Audio delay settings
Meld Studio understands the crucial role of precise audio sync in video content production.
Our advanced audio track settings put control in your hands. Allowing you to finely adjust audio delays for precise synchronization. With our user-friendly interface, adjusting audio delay is a breeze.
This level of control empowers you to elevate your production and deliver exceptional performances.