Built-in Visual Effects
Explore limitless possibilities
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Built-in effects
Stand out from the crowd with built-in effects no other broadcast app offers. Edit like a pro with our unique collection and take your creativity to the next level.
Limitless combinations
Our stackable effects let you unleash your creativity and craft truly unique looks. Go wild & show off your style!
Import and export
Our import/export effects feature lets you unlock next-level edits from the community and share your own creations to inspire others.
No Add-ons No plugins
Discover a rich library of effects carefully selected from the most popular post-production apps. These effects are seamlessly incorporated into Meld Studio, with no need for extra add-ons or external plugins. Enjoy the simplicity and efficiency as you explore, and spark your creativity along the way.
Limitless possibilitites
Experience limitless possibilities with our stackable effects. Layer and combine them to create visually stunning compositions that defy expectations.
Share & Swap Effects
Export and import your effects creations with ease, fostering collaboration and innovation. Share your unique combinations within the community to expand creative possibilities.
Chroma Keying is the new... king?
Chroma Key is a creative technique that adds a special touch to your videos. By replacing the green or blue background with other content, you can transport yourself and your viewers to extraordinary worlds, tell engaging stories, match your games aesthetics, and unleash your unlimited imagination.
Creative boost with filter effects
These filters enable you to modify the look and feel of your content, creating different moods or atmospheres to suit your livestreams or recordings. The UI's simplicity allows for intuitive navigation through a wide range of editing options, including easy manipulation and enhancement of scene compositions.
Gaussian blur
Creates a gentle blurring effect, resulting in a gradual transition between pixels.
Directional blur
Adds motion blur to an image or video in a specific direction, nice for speed effects.
Drop shadow
Creates the illusion of a shadow cast by an object or element in a composition.
Shadow styles
Provides an array of options to customize and enhance the appearance of shadows.
Glow styles
Offers various visual effects and techniques for creating a glowing or radiant look on layers.
Fractal noise
Generates organic patterns resembling natural phenomena like clouds, fire, smoke, or abstract textures.
Invert colors
Flips the brightness and hue values, inverting the color scheme.
Converts any layers into a high-contrast, black-and-white representation.
Make those colors pop
Modify and fine-tune the colors and tones of your content. These filters provide precise control over the color characteristics, enabling you to achieve the desired look, mood, or atmosphere in your visuals.
Black & White
Results in a grayscale or monochromatic appearance.
Brightness & Contrast
Controls the overall luminosity and distinction between light and dark areas in layers.
Shift channels
Provides precise control over the individual red, green, and blue color channels.
Adds smooth transition between two colors.
Allows to make precise adjustments to color casts or hues within your content.
CC Toner
Enables color grading to provide a range of tonalities.
Fill color
Allows you to change or replace the color of any layer.
Maps the original colors to a new set of three colors.
Twist, Warp, and WOW look at that!
Distortion visual effects introduce creative alterations and transformations, allowing you to play with unique and unconventional visual styles. You can manipulate the shape, perspective, or texture of the content, getting a range of artistic and abstract results.
Corner Pin
Precisely modifies and distorts the perspective, by adjusting the corners or edges to match any layer perspective.
Allows you to manipulate the shape and contour of the content, giving it a bulged or warped appearance.
Manipulates the position, scale, rotation, and opacity of a layer in the composition.
Fun transition effects
Want to just make a funny transition or just wipe out one layer of your scene? With these funny transition effects you can do whatever you want. Just be creative!
Venetian Blinds
Creates a stylized look by dividing into horizontal sections with alternating solid areas and slits.
Linear wipe
Reveals or replaces one image with another using a sweeping or wiping motion along a defined linear path.
Radial wipe
Gradual transition originating from the center of the canvas and expanding outward in a circular manner.
Coming soon
coming soon
Virtual green-screen
Don't have a physical chroma key? No problem! With a virtual green screen, you can achieve the same captivating effects without the need for a physical green screen backdrop. By utilizing advanced settings of Meld Studio, you can detect and remove the background from your layers in real-time, allowing you to replace it with any background.
Coming soon
coming soon
Background blur
Unlock the magic of selective focus! This visual effect delicately blurs the background while keeping your subject crisp and clear. It spotlights the center of attention, creating a sense of depth and visual intrigue.